Nick Assef is the Chairman of a company called Lincoln Crowne & Company

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Nick Assef is the Chairman of a company called Lincoln Crowne & Company. This is an independent corporate advisory company that is well respected within the industry. Lincoln Crowne & Company is based out of Australia, where Nick Assef works at the headquarters in Sydney. However, the company has clients both inside the country and internationally.

Corporations seek out the help of Lincoln Crowne & Company because there are myriad problems that can arise that are simply outside of the scope of what even a successful corporate leadership team is prepared to handle.

Founder – Nick Assef

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The corporate world is rife with conflicts that cause considerable strife and are often handled in the least efficient means you can imagine. The corporate world, which prides itself on efficiency and professionalism, can often devolve into a shadow of those values or, worse, the opposite of them. Corporations struggled with many issues, including but not limited to: disputes between Boards of Directors, hostile takeovers, and frequent lawsuits.

When an individual, party, or company in the corporate world feels that they have been wronged or has a dispute with someone else, they will often look to an independent corporate advisory firm. One of the most respected independent corporate advisory firms is Lincoln Crown & Company, which is a firm with a fine track record and a wealth of experience.

Lincoln Crowne & Company is an independent corporate advisory company with a history of success. The firm specializes in issues relating to Mergers & Acquisitions, but is capable of handling many other disputes and conflicts too. Lincoln Crowne & Company has clients all over the world, but is based in Sydney, Australia.

Lincoln Crowne & Company makes use of a number of tools and programs, including valuation analysis, game theory, and financial modeling.

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